Xtratuf 15″ Salmon Sisters Legacy

Xtratuf 15″ Salmon Sisters Legacy

This collection’s prints are original designs by two young Alaskan fishermen, born and inspired by the wilderness of Alaska and the sustainable fisheries of the North Pacific. Salmon Sisters products are designed in Alaska, inspired by nautical tradition, and made for a community of fishermen, adventurers, and ocean-enthusiasts. Salmon Sisters strives to make their garments the ones you dress up, dress down, and get dirty because they’re just too cool and comfy to take off. The Salmon Sisters work with organizations that support conservation of wild spaces and wild seafood and for every sale made, they donate a can of wild Alaska salmon to the Alaska Food Bank.

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Collection: Salmon Sisters
Gender: Women
Color: Chocolate/Octopus
Brand Name: XTRATUF

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