• ***SOLD*** New Trap Lot T103
    25 – 4’X24″X13.5″
    Right hand/haul kitchen with three jungle wood runners and 4 ergo’s.  These traps are constructed with a 10ga hauling end and 10ga bridges.
    ***SOLD*** New Trap Lot T02
    75 – 4’X21″X13.5″
    Right hand/haul kitchen with three bricks and two oak runners. These traps are built with a 10ga hauling end and 10 ga bridges.
    ***SOLD*** New Trap Lot T01
    50 – 4’X22.5″X15″
    right hand/haul kitchen with three bricks and two oak runners.  Made from different wire colors (#1 wire).
  • ***SOLD*** Used Trap Lot T103 ***SOLD***
    84 – 40.5″X21″X13.5″
    Right hand/haul kitchen with 3 bricks and three oak runners.  These traps are constructed with a 10ga hauling end and bridge. (B.F.)
    ***SOLD*** Used Trap Lot T102
    77 – 4’X22.5″X15″
    Right hand/haul kitchen with two cement runners. (R.S. used)
    ***SOLD*** Used Trap Lot T101 ***SOLD***
    40 – 4’X22.5″X15″
    Right hand/haul parlor with pressure treated runners and 4 ergos.  (A.P. used)
  • New Trap Lot P03
    32 – 36″x22.5″x15″
    Right Hand Haul Rear, Multi Color, 3 Bricks, Oak Runners, Hooped Heads
    New Trap Lot P02
    50 – 48″x22.5″x15″
    Right Hand Haul Rear with 10ga haul end & bridges, 3 bricks all in the rear. Nylon Door hinges, Eco composite runners, No Hoop Center & Rear Heads,
    New Trap Lot P01
    70 – 48x24x13.5
    Right Hand Haul Rear, No hoop center & rear heads,Hooped sides,With 10ga haul end & bridges,3 bricks,Eco composite runners.
    New Trap Lot P07***SOLD***
    Right hand haul rear. With oak runner 3 bricks all in the rear. Hooped heads,2 vents.
    ***SOLD*** New Trap Lot P06
    14- 40.5×22.5×15 (SOLD)
    Right hand haul rear. Oak runners, 3 bricks, hooped heads, 2 vents.
    ***SOLD*** New Trap Lot P05
    Right hand haul rear. With oak runners,3 bricks,10ga ends & bridges,2 vents & hooped heads.
    ***SOLD*** New Trap Lot P04
    Right Hand Haul Rear With 2oak runners,3 bricks Hand Knit Rear Head,2 vents,nylon hinges,2 edge protectors
  • ***SOLD*** Used Trap Lot P02
    Right hand haul rear. Cement runners,1 no hoop rear head.
  • Other E13
    Compost Bins
    Compost bins made from a 48″X168″ piece of 12.5ga vinyl coated trap wire.  When complete the bin measures approximately 48″H X48″W (diameter).
    Other E01
    90- 4′X24″X15″
    Shrimp traps with 4 bricks and 3 oak runners.
    Other E02
    25- 4′X24″X15″
    Shrimp traps with 4 bricks and 3 oak runners.
    Other E03
    Conch Pots
    The trap in the picture is a trawl style conch pot. Square conch pots are also available. These are bridled on four corners and hauled as singles. Please call for pricing and availability.
    Other E04
    Oyster Ranch
    This 4 bag floating grow out system is constructed with 4.5″ X 4.5″ wire to optimize water flow and maximize oyster growth.
    Other E05
    This 6 bag floating grow out system is a great way to maximize the surface area of a top-side lease. Fouling can be managed by simply flipping the floating cages so the oysters are out of the water, and the fouling is eliminated by the sun. The end caps can be removed to flood the floats for over-wintering oysters.
    Other E06
    Oyster Racks
    Maximize the water column on your bottom lease with two tier oyster rack systems. The racks can be built to hold 6 bags and 8 bags using 3″ X 3″ wire, or 4.5″ X 4.5″ wire mesh. These racks have proved effective for over wintering oysters as well.
    Other E07
    Scup Pot
    These scup pots come with a 1/2″ X 1/2″ bait tube which is easily baited from the top and a dump door on the back of the pot. These are efficient traps that are proven to catch fish!
    Other E08
    Sea Bass Pots
    43.5″ X 21″ X 13.5″ with 3 cement v-blocks and two oak runners. Traps come with one entry head, one parlor head and a side dump door.
    Other E09
    Green Crab Trap
    Catch your own conch pot bait with these green crab traps! Traps come with a bottom filled bait tube and a large dump door for ease of use. Traps have two ergo blocks for ballast.
    Other E10
    Offshore Crab Traps
    43.5″ X 24″ X 13.5″ with two cement runners and oval crab hoops. Side dump door and extra bracing- including side braces and 10ga ends and bridge.
    Other E11
    Eel Pots
    These traps come with an entry funnel and rear dump door.
    Other E12
    Lobster Condos
    Utilize your tank house to it’s fullest! Lobster condo’s have plastic dividers to keep lobsters healthy while minimizing dead loss and shrinkage. Condo’s built to your specifications.